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Our Ultimate Kit

Introducing our Ultimate Beard Kit. This kit comes with the complete set of our beard care product line. Includes a beard wash, beard conditioner, beard hydration mist, beard softener and your choice of beard butter and beard oil scent.

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Premium Collection

The Legacy Beard Brand Premium Collection includes a combination of natural and organic ingredients infused with premium cologne inspired fragrance oils.

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Legacy Collection

The Legacy Collection includes a combination of natural and organic ingredients infused with all natural essential oils.

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Our Brand & Products

The Legacy Beard Brand focuses on providing quality beard care. No gimmicks, just premium ingredients that your beard will appreciate.

  • Our Mission

    To aide men in growing and maintaining a healthy and hydrated beard using a blend of natural and organic ingredients.

  • Product Benefits

    Our products contain natural and organic ingredients which will help lock hin moisture and help fight against dryness.

  • Black Owned & Operated

    Thanks to everyone that supports us, rather it be a purchase, sharing a post, or telling someone about our products. We truly appreciate it!!

  • Veteran Owned & Operated

    Our founder served in the United States Army and is a proud Veteran.

  • The Legacy Beard is amazing! I got a kit a while back and everything in it has been awesome! The lavender, peppermint, and tea tree wash smells great and I just recently picked up the redwood beard butter and use it every day now! Most importantly, my wife loves the scents and she always notices how soft and vibrant-looking my beard is after I use these products in my beard regimen! I don’t use any other products for my beard besides Legacy! Can’t say enough about this brand!!

    - Eric D.

  • My husband uses this beard butter and he just loves it. He’s tried sooo many different brands and this one absolutely stands out to him. He loves how soft it makes his beard, the scents are soooo good and it’s helped a lot with the flaking. Awesome, clean, QUALITY product!

    - Tammy B.

  • I wanted to personally thank Jameel and his brand for providing a product that works for me. I’ve always been skeptical person and never thought these products would work; but I was wrong! My beard is healthier and looks better than ever. I owe that to Jameel and these awesome beard butters and conditioners that I now use. I also wanted to thank Mr. Jameel for being personable and very professional. When I received my package I was shocked to find a handwritten note in my packaging. This goes beyond a simple thank you although he included thank you cards as well. This means to your customers that they mean something to you and they are appreciated. He could’ve easily rubber stamped it which would’ve been ok as I’m sure he has many customers. It he didn’t. This means a lot do thank you again!

    - Customer for life
    Charles B.

  • Love these products! My boyfriend uses the beard shampoo and conditioner combo and it makes his beard so soft! He’s tried a lot of other products but nothing works like Legacy Beard - will definitely continue to repurchase.

    - Julia R.

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Our Boss Kit

Step up your beard game with our Boss Kit. This kit Includes a beard wash, conditioner, and your choice of beard butter and beard oil scent. Packaged together in a wooden box to keep the items in.

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