The Perfect Beard Grooming Routine

The Perfect Beard Grooming Routine

While growing a beard may be easy, there's a fine line between looking scruffy and stylish! Beard grooming should be a top priority for any beard wielder's daily routine!

Don't let the phrase 'beard grooming routine' put you off! This isn't some detailed 50-step guide that is going to take you hours to achieve every morning – maintaining a healthy beard is actually pretty simple! 

We've outlined a simple 5 step beard grooming routine to keep your beard looking groomed and fresh every time you venture out of the house: 


Step 1 – Wash Your Beard and Condition it: 

Not only does it feel great, but washing your face fur is the first vital step to a perfectly groomed beard. The best washing option for maintaining a healthy beard is to use a product made specifically for beard washing. 

Products like The Legacy Beard Brand’s Beard Wash promotes cell regeneration which stimulates hair growth, heals the scalp and deep cleans your hair. Plus, its packed with essential and carrier oils like vitamin E, tea tree, lavender, and peppermint oil. 

However, regular shampoo will do if you want to keep your beard routine simple and don't like splashing on extra products. However, avoid using body wash, as this will dry out your beard! 

Make sure to apply beard conditioner after washing to lock in the moisture and prevent dryness. Our beard conditioner is made from ingredients like natural Shea Butter which provides moisture to dry or damaged hair.  


Step 2 – Towel Dry 

This is the easy part! Simply pat down your beard with a towel, making sure to get the majority of water out of it. 


Step 3 – Apply Beard Butter in your Beard Grooming 

Beard butter is like the leave in conditioner of the beard world – it can be the key factor that turns you from a scruffy beard rookie to a groomed beard god! It's made with a combination of beard oil and beard balm and will moisture and shape your beard. 

Beard butter helps to prevent itchy and dry flaky skin by helping lock in moisture while shaping the beard and creating a luxurious shine. 

Simply heat some of the butter with your hands and apply liberally to your beard. 


Step 4 – Apply Beard Oil 

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but for that top-tier groomed beard, you're going to need to invest in some beard oil! You need to apply beard oil daily in your beard routine and it has a host of benefits. These range from reducing beard itch to eliminating dandruff! 

Beard Oils are made with natural cold pressed oils and all natural essential oils that will leave your beard moisturized and smelling fantastic! 

It's a great idea to start by applying beard oil under your skin and using extra for the surface of your beard. 


Step 5 – Comb and Brush your Beard 

The comb is essential to any good beard routine! First, comb away from your face, then comb your beard into place. 

We recommend investing in a beard comb for a perfectly groomed beard. They are specialized for beards by using wood and wide teeth, which reduces any static and snagging! 

You also need a brush in your grooming repertoire. This will remove dirt and grime from formulating in your whiskers during the day. Not only that it will give your beard a fuller, thicker look. The best brush for this is one made from boar bristles. 


Beard Grooming Summary 

The key to a well-groomed beard is easy! By following a 5-step beard routine, you can have your facial hair looking impeccable! Just make sure to wash your beard in the shower and give it a good towel dry. Once you’ve done that, apply your beard oil and beard butter, then give your beard a good comb! 

By following these steps daily, you can assure that your facial hair will be in tip-top condition and that your beard will be the talk of the town. Why not have your beardless peers envy the beauty of your perfectly groomed beard!? 

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