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The Legacy Beard Brand

Boss Beard Kit - (Premium Collection)

Boss Beard Kit - (Premium Collection)

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Balm & Oil Scent
Want a well-groomed beard?
The Legacy Beard Brand Grooming Kits will help keep your beard in tip-top shape. This Boss Kit includes everything needed to cleanse, condition, and moisturize your beard.
This Kit includes:
  • 8 oz. Beard Wash
  • 8 oz. Beard Conditioner
  • 3 oz. Beard Butter
  • 1 oz. Beard Oil
  • Wood keepsake box
Beard Oil
Designed to moisturize and nourish the hair while promoting hair follicle stimulation to fill in patches and thicken hair.
Beard Butter
Designed to keep the beard soft and hydrated, improving beard health and elasticity.
Beard Wash
This gentle moisturizing shampoo is made from raw natural black soap to protect and nourish your scalp from the roots to ends. Our Moisturizing Beard Wash is designed to have a rich lather which will cleanse the hair and scalp without stripping the hair of its natural oils.
Beard Conditioner
Our Beard Conditioner is made from ingredients like natural Shea Butter that provides moisture to dry or damaged hair from the roots to the very tips, repairing and protecting against weather damage, dryness and brittleness. It also absorbs quickly and completely into the scalp to rehydrate without clogging pores.



If you notice white spots on the surface of your beard butter there is nothing wrong with it, these are not contaminants, it is the result of temperature fluctuation. The high content of organic Shea butter used in our beard butters contains fatty acids and vitamins, which is what your skin and facial hair love. As the Shea butter cools during the manufacturing process fatty acids start to become solid faster than the Shea itself and crystals form. They will melt when rubbed between your palms and fingers. Summer temperatures can also cause Shea butter to melt while it's shipped to you, forming harmless crystals; it's a function of the lush Shea butter.

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