When Should You Use Beard Butter on Your Beard?

When Should You Use Beard Butter on Your Beard?

Beard oils may be the key to growing a healthy beard, but they are just one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to achieving your ultimate beard goals. Growing a thick beard requires the perfect blend of beard products and grooming a long beard that may become prone to dryness and unruly flyways. If beard oils are your only go-to in the sphere of beard grooming, it's time for you to add beard butter to the blueprint.

What is Beard Butter?

Beard butters, like https//thelegacybeardbrand.com/products/beard-butter-premium-collection contain the perfect blend of essential oils, beeswax, Shea butter, and vitamins A & E. Each of these ingredients help to support and define the structure of your beard. Because of their essential oil mixture, beard butters can condition your beard while the beeswax lays the foundation for shaping your beard, supply hold, and giving it a bit more definition. You can think of beard butter as a leave-in conditioner, specially formulated for your beard in practical terms.

When Should I Use a Beard Butter?

Beard butters offer a variety of benefits for beard care. Beard butters can serve as a supplement to your beard oil to manage:

• A protective layer for the beard from the environmental elements

• Minimizes the risk for beardruff

• Treats and prevents beard itch

However, one of the most practical reasons for using beard butter is facial grooming. Beard butters enable you to control a fuzzy beard by taming beard frizz, treat split ends, and shape your facial hairs, molding them so that your facial hair flow in one uniform direction. This positive attribute becomes particularly important as your beard thickens and becomes longer.
High-quality beard butters not only contain the perfect blend of natural oils, but they also possess an understated scent that leaves your beard smelling good.
The frequency in which you use a beard butter will vary by your beard and beard styling needs.

How to Apply Beard Butter

After washing and conditioning your beard you will use your beard butter. It is okay if your beard is slightly damp, but it should not be dripping wet. A damp beard will make the beard butter application process more manageable. Using your finger, rub your finger in a circular motion within the container until you acquire a dime to a nickel-size amount of beard butter on your fingertip. Place the dollop in the palm of your hands and rub the butter until you have a slight shine on your hands and fingers. Next, rub the beard butter on the sides of your beard, the front of your beard, and do not forget to take care of your mustache.


As you are applying the butter, use the combination of your hands and the beard butter to shape the beard. Once you complete this process, you will need your boar bristle beard brush from your Legacy Starter Kit to help evenly distribute your beard butter. Use your beard comb to complete the styling process.

 How Often Should You Use Beard Butter?

You should plan to use beard butter once a day after applying your beard oil, but adjust as needed if you find your beard does not require this intervention as often, or you may increase your frequency if dryness is a problem.

In Closing

In closing, beard butters can be an excellent, supplemental asset to your beard grooming regimen. Beard butters are incredibly useful in helping to style and tame an unruly beard. They also help combat common issues that can emerge with growing a beard, such as a beard itch and beardruff. If you have not yet incorporated beard butters into your grooming regimen, it's time to add https://thelegacybeardbrand.com/products/beard-butter-premium-collection to your morning routine.

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I’m very skeptical by nature so quite naturally I wasn’t sold on beard butters, conditioners, or oils-that was before my wife convinced me to start using them. She simply put it in a way that made my light turn on. She said “your beard is hair too, if were on your head wouldn’t you take care of it?” Now, I’m a believer! My beard is healthier and much more manageable since I use the conditioner and oils.

Charles Bolden

I did not know anything about Beard Balm before using the Legacy Brand. This has been a life saver in my beard journey. This has been my missing link for managing my beard. Thanks to the Legacy Brand for solving my problem with beard growth and comfort!


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