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Unlock Earning Potential: Join Our Affiliate Program for a Lucrative 15% Commission!


If you're a current supporter of The Legacy Beard Brand and have an active blog, vlog, YouTube channel, or Instagram account, we'd like to invite you to join our Affiliate program. By becoming an affiliate, you'll earn a 15% commission on every qualified purchaser that you send our way. You already love our brand and products, now it's time to monetize your passion by joining our affiliate program and earning some cash!




  1. Select the "Click Here" button on the above photo or click on this, Link and select Signup.
  2. Fill out the affiliate application page or select the "sign up with Google" button.
  3. Upon signing up, your account will be automatically generated and you will promptly receive a welcome email. (Pending approval for use)
  4. Upon approval, you will be sent a second email to notify you that the account is now active and ready for use.



Select the "Dashboard" option to view your Personal referral link and assigned coupon code. Feel free to change the name of the coupon code if you like.

Sharing your Referral Link is easy. You can send it to your family members, friends, co-workers, or even strangers via text, email, or any other messaging platform. You can also share it on your social media accounts and let your followers know that they can save 15% on their order by using your Referral Link or Coupon Code. Don't forget to spread the word!



This is the exciting part! Every sale made using your Referral Link earns you a 15% commission on the total sale amount, excluding taxes and shipping fees.



Are you a fan of The Legacy Beard Brand's products? Why not share photos of your favorite items on your social media platforms? It only takes a few minutes and can help generate interest and attract more viewers. You can even create content featuring the brand's products to make it more engaging. Remember, the more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it. So have fun and get creative!


As an affiliate of The Legacy Beard Brand, you are expected to maintain a high standard of professionalism. Please represent our brand accurately and do not engage in any unprofessional or misleading behavior.

Please refrain from spamming your Referral Link or Preferred Coupon Code on any Legacy Beard Brand advertisements, social media accounts, websites, comment sections, or blogs.

If you fail to comply with these requirements, your affiliate account will be terminated. We do not accept affiliate accounts from coupon-style shopping websites, so please refrain from signing up if you are one.

Affiliate accounts that do not generate any sales within a 120-day period will be removed from the program.

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