Our Story

My beard journey has been one with ups and downs. From itchy, dry, patchy beard to acne breakouts, I have experienced it all. One day, I decided to experiment with creating my own products using all natural ingredients. This is when things started to change. No more flakes, no more itchy and dry skin.

Finally something started working. I continued to use my own mixture of ingredients and slowly began to see changes in my growth and changes in the way the beard moisture was retained.

As a trial, I reached out to friends that were having similar issues and asked them to try my products. They too would soon start to see and feel a huge difference in their beards. So I asked myself why not take a chance on sharing with people outside of my circle. It cant hurt, right?

So, The Legacy Beard Brand was born. Handcrafted by me personally, my products are all centered around beard care. They contain natural and organic ingredients infused with a special blend of carrier and essential oils. I take pride in my products, and continue to do research on ways to make them better for everyone.

The Legacy Beard Brand Products were born to meet the needs of quality beard care. Our customers consist of men who take pride in caring for themselves, that want a well-groomed and great smelling beard.

I'm the new guy on the block, but that's OK. We all have to start somewhere. I'm so excited and blessed to be sharing The Legacy Beard Brand with you!

Jameel Jones

Founder & CEO


Email: info@thelegacybrandbeard.com

Facebook: The Legacy Beard Brand

Instagram: @theleagacybeard